Introducing our Giving Back Body Butter!

Find out more about where your $20 from our Giving Back Body Butter will be going.

Reuse Roamer - Dog Treats!

Dogs rule. Treat your dog by reusing your Roamer Skincare tins for some homemade treats!

Reuse Roamer - Mini Choc-Chip Cookies

Possibly one of the cutest Reuse Roamer ideas yet!

Ingredient Spotlight #11

Under the Ingredient Spotlight this week is our very special natural alternative to preservatives - let nature do the work!

Reuse Roamer - DIY Soy Candle

Finished off your Roamer Skincare products and not sure what to do with the tins? Here is a super simple soy candle DIY for you to try!

Ingredient Spotlight #10

We bet you've definitely heard of this ingredient before and the benefits it has for your skin. You might have used it by itself as a spot treatment for blemishes..... can you guess what it is? 

Ingredient Spotlight #9

Under the Ingredient Spotlight this time is none other than Jojoba oil. This golden oil may be the ingredient your skin has been looking for!

Ingredient Spotlight #8

A delicious snack and ingredient which your face will love!

Ingredient Spotlight #7

This ingredient is not only tasty for breakfast, but will be tasty for your face too!

Ingredient Spotlight #6

This ingredient is responsible for giving our Clay Butter Cleanser its shades of green, it definitely deserves to be under the spotlight!

Roamer Routine

A short video for those new to Roamer Skincare or curious about the Roamer Skincare routine.

Ingredient Spotlight #5

A little bit of this ingredient goes a long way in our Shea Face Balm!

Ingredient Spotlight #4

We've already talked about Shea Butter, but that's not the only butter we want to shine a spotlight on ....

#ReuseRoamer - Fudge!

Fill up your tins with some delicious quick and easy fudge and pass on the Roamer love!

How Well Does the Clay Butter Cleanser Remove Makeup?

A video to show you how the Clay Butter Cleanser can remove makeup

Ingredient Spotlight #3

This ingredient helps to give our Shea Face Balm the rich yellow-orange colour... can you guess which ingredient is in the spotlight this week?

#ReuseRoamer - Coffee Scrub

A simple 3 ingredient body scrub recipe for when your tin is ready to #ResuseRoamer.

Take Care of Your Roamer Skincare and It'll Take Care of Your Skin!

A couple of short videos to give you tips on your Clay Butter Cleanser and Shea Face Balm


Ideas for reusing your Roamer Skincare tins.

Ingredient Spotlight #2

Of all the clays that are out there .... why did we choose Bentonite Clay for our Clay Butter Cleanser?

Looking for a reason to step away from plastics?

Plastic ain't so fantastic!

Ingredient Spotlight #1

Featuring in both our Clay Butter Cleanser and Shea Face Balm - this ingredient deserves to be our first ingredient under the spotlight!

What to Remember When Changing Skincare

Not an overnight fix!