What to Remember When Changing Skincare

CONGRATULATIONS - You've made the switch to Roamer Skincare and I'm incredibly excited for you! Through my own experience of trying out different brands to then trying out different recipes for my own skincare, I know how easy it is to become restless when you're looking for a change with your skin. 

This is easier said than done, but trust me - be patient. Your skin cells regenerate about every 28 days so you're going to need about a month of consistent use before you start noticing any major changes.

Keep this in mind especially when using the Clay Butter Cleanser. Generally cleansers don't really stay on your skin long enough to have a dramatic instantaneous effect (except for the actual cleaning of your face). If you're looking for support for any dryness, excess oil, dullness or blemishes, it'll take about a month of consistent use in your new routine before you start seeing any changes.

On the upside, you should start to notice results from the Shea Face Balm a lot faster. Any dryness you may have felt might be relieved as soon as the balm absorbs. After about two weeks of consistent use you should be able to see and feel other changes in your skin.

What differences have you noticed after your first month of using Roamer Skincare? 

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