Ingredient Spotlight #10

We bet you've definitely heard of this ingredient before and the benefits it has for your skin. You might have used it by itself as a spot treatment for blemishes..... can you guess what it is? Tea Tree oil!

Tea Tree oil was pretty much a no-brainer to include in our cleanser. There's not a lot in the cleanser but as you might have experienced yourself, it's not something you need a lot of! 

Tea Tree oil is popular in skincare as it works fantastic as an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. It's known to calm swelling, aiding to fend off and reduce acne scars to leave you with calm, smooth and clear skin. According to one study, unlike using other ingredients like benzoyl peroxide (yikes!) for acne, tea tree oil is less likely to completely dry out the skin or cause flakiness. 

One possibly surprising use for Tea Tree oil is that due to the antibacterial properties, it also helps to remove make up and and pollutants from the skin (especially important if you live in a city!).

It's easy to find so much information about Tea Tree oil and how effective it is on the skin. You only ever need a small amount and we believe we've found the sweet spot in our Clay Butter Cleanser for it. Tea Tree oil helps to reduce blemishes, redness, it doesn't dry out the skin or cause flakiness, it helps keep your skin smooth, what's not to love about this ingredient?!

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