Ingredient Spotlight #2

Kaolin, Bentonite, Rhassoul, French Green Clay ...... with all the different types of clays out there, let's take a deeper look into why Roamer Skincare chose Bentonite clay for the Clay Butter Cleanser.

The Clay Butter Cleanser is more than the sum of its parts. Bentonite clay acts to balance out and work with the other butters and oils. If you do have excess sebum or struggle with acne, Bentonite clay will help to calm the skin whilst leaving your skin silky smooth.

One of the well known characteristics of Bentonite clay is it's absorbitive properties. When coming into contact with water, it acts like a magnet to remove dead skin cells, unclog pores as well as soaking up excess sebum and bacteria. Think of it as a vaccuum for the 'muck' out of your skin.

 Bentonite has fine granules which helps to cleanse the skin further. These fine granules provides mild yet effective exfoliating effects to buff away dry or flaky skin. to leave your face softer and smoother than before.  

One of the nutrients found in Bentonite Clay is the mineral silica. Silica is a carrier for oxygen which helps to keep your skin hydrated as well as an ingredient that is needed to produce collagen. Silica combined with the exfoliating effects should leave your face softer and smoother than before!

Have you used Bentonite Clay before? Have you noticed the difference Bentonite Clay has made for you in our Clay Butter Cleanser?

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  • I love the Clay Butter Cleanser. It leaves my skin amazingly soft and clean. I’m used to cleansers leaving my face dry and tight BUT this product is just the opposite. My face is soft and feels really hydrated. Thanks Roamer!

    • Kandy