Ingredient Spotlight #5

German Chamomile Oil or Blue Chamomile Oil or even German Blue Chamomile Oil- no matter how you say it, is a powerhouse of an ingredient for our Shea Face Balm. 

Blue Chamomile Oil is our not so secret weapon in our Shea Face Balm which helps to calm inflammation and irritation in the skin. The perfect product to use first thing in the morning to help reduce puffiness or tired eyes.

Vitamin C is under the spotlight for a lot of skincare products and you'll be pleased to find out that Blue Chamomile Oil is a rich source of Vitamin C! Fun fact - the reason why Vitamin C gets such a glowing review for skincare is because it's a water soluble molecule - meaning it effects both the outside and inside of your skin cells!

If you're someone like me who with the change of seasons (especially in the winter!) your hands suffer with eczema or dermatitis - having Blue Chamomile Oil in our Shea Face Balm may just be your lifesaver! A study by Kang et al. (2019) showed the anti-allergy result of Blue Chamomile Oil was STRONGER than its mainstream equivalent - hydrocortisone cream.

The last detail about Blue Chamomile Oil we want to talk about is bisabolol! The bisabolol in this oil boosts cell turnover whilst strengthening skin by producing new collagen and elastic. This means it helps to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin and dark spots. WOO for Blue Chamomile Oil!

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