Ingredient Spotlight #6

Under the spotlight this week is a very special ingredient. It's responsible for the shades of green found in the Clay Butter Cleanser, can you guess what it is? 

ALFALFA POWDER! We use only about 1/2 teaspoon in each cleanser of this ingredient but wow is it obvious it's in it! Alfalfa Powder contains chlorophyll which acts as an excellent cleansing agent for the skin. 

No one likes a cleanser which dries out the skin - so although it has excellent cleansing properties, it also contains Vitamin A. Vitamin A is known for moisturising the skin, alongside helping to rejuvenate the skin, improving complexion and texture. 

It seems like Vitamin C is all the rage in skincare lately. Lucky for us, you can find Vitamin C which is in awesome antioxidant in Alfalfa which is known for helping to protect your skin cells, YAY!

Overall Alfalfa is packed with nutrients which your skin will love - amino acids, biotin and chlorophyll. It's a fantastic addition to our cleanser as it helps to moisturise skin, protect your skin cells and to add nutrients to your skin - your skin is your largest organ after all!

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