Ingredient Spotlight #8

You might think it's a wee bit odd to have oil in a cleanser, but Sweet Almond Oil makes for a perfect cleansing ingredient in our Clay Butter Cleanser. It might surprise you but sweet almond oil is fantastic for opening pores help purge the skin whilst locking in moisture which blocks dirty microbes. 

If you go back in our Roamer Ramblings to the post entitled "How Well Does the Clay Butter Cleanser Remove Makeup?" - watch the video and you'll see for yourself how safely and easy the Clay Butter Cleanser can remove makeup, even mascara! Think of Sweet Almond Oil as being the silent assassin in our cleanser to help wash off your make up!

Sweet Almond Oil is for both oily and dry skin. When your face has too much sebum (oil) it's easier for it to trap dirt and clog pores, not great for the skin but enter Sweet Almond Oil! It's known for being awesome at cleaning your pores for that dirt and unnecessary oils. 

For dry skin - Sweet Almond Oil contains fatty acids, vitamins A and E. These fatty acids help to lock in moisture, keeping your skin hydrated whilst the vitamin E helps to calm irritation. A win-win for all types of skin!

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