Ingredient Spotlight #9

Under the Ingredient Spotlight this time is none other than Jojoba oil. This golden oil may be the ingredient your skin has been looking for!

Jojoba oil matches the oil our skin produces and penetrates the skin easily. It helps to encourage glowing skin without clogging pores or leaving it greasy. 

Skin looking dull? This is generally caused by dehydration. Jojoba oil boosts your skin's moisture, helping it to decrease that dullness and boost up your glow! 

Jojoba oil acts a natural preservative for your skin too. It naturally deters microbes, having a high amount of iodine - aiding to ward off bacteria on the skin which can lead to breakouts. This makes it particularly great for anyone with acne.

The anti-inflammartory effects of Jojoba oil can't be highlighted enough! The Vitamin E and B-complex vitamins help to reduce redness, reduce drying, calm rosocea and help keep the skin calm. They also help to fight off free radicals, mend cell damage and accelerate cell regeneration - making it a fantastic anti-aging ingredient!

We've mentioned how the Shea Face Balm isn't just for the face. Suffering from eczema or dry areas? The mix of vitamin E and iodine in Jojoba supports healing for inflammed skin from conditions like eczema. Check out this Instagram for a before and after of using the Shea Face Balm to heal dry fingers:

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