Reuse Roamer - DIY Soy Candle

Finished off your Roamer Skincare products and not sure what to do with the tins? Here is a super simple soy candle DIY for you to try!

You will need:
- 1 cup of soy wax pellets
- candle wick
- essential oil of your choice
- 1 Roamer Skincare tin

- Using a double broiler, melt the soy wax until it is completely liquified.
- Take off the heat and stir in 40 drops of essential oil
- Insert the candle wick into your Roamer Skincare tin and slowly pour in your soy candle mixture. An extra tip - use a fork to keep your wick standing upright.
- Allow the candle to cure for a week before burning and that's it!

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