Looking for a reason to step away from plastics?

We all know that plastics are terrible for the environment but sometimes the convenience of products packaged in plastic are too easy to pass up. Additionally, when we've been using certain products for years, thinking about its packaging can be extremely easy to not give a second thought about.

For the U.S.- plastic packaging has increased over 120 times since 1960, with 70% of that ending up in landfills. On a global scale, the beauty industry creates 120 billion units of packaging each year. Research from 2015 found that the packaging was responsible for 146 million tonnes of plastic every year. Think about how many bottles or tubs of cleansers and moisturizers you go through a year, over five years, over a lifetime! 

Companies advertising they use bioplastics for their packaging might sound great, but the reality is far from ideal. For bioplastics to degrade, it's crucial for industrial composting to reach high enough temperatures for the microbes to break it down. Without the intense heat, bioplastics aren't able to breakdown properly in landfills or regular compost. If the packaging end up in marine environments, they perform similar to the regular petroleum-based plastic - breaking down into micro-sized pieces (hello more microplastics!), surviving for decades endangering marine life and ecosystems.

I'm not saying that other types of packaging has its own problems but I think we can all agree that plastics are hands down the worst! That's why it was so incredibly important that Roamer Skincare be completely plastic free. All natural ingredients, reusable tins, compostable labelling and even compostable shipping mailers! 

What changes have you made to reduce the amount of plastic packaging you buy and use? Any tips you can share?

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