About Us

Roamer Skincare - there is always more to discover, more to explore, let’s roam together without leaving a trace behind.


Since 2018, Rhi has been experimenting with her own skincare recipes and hasn't looked back! Frustrated with how many 'eco friendly' skincare brands were still using plastic packaging for their products, Rhi believed there weren't enough choices for people who were looking to reduce their plastic footprint without compromising on the quality of products they choose.

It was this mix of her passion for natural skincare and frustration of the copious amounts of plastic packaging which sparked the idea of Roamer Skincare. Rhi figured if her skin was loving what she was creating AND she was also reducing how much plastic she was using, then why not try to make a positive impact and share it with everyone else too?! 


Roamer Skincare 

Roamer Skincare endeavours to give you feel-good and effective skin care whilst being completely natural, made in small batches and free from plastic packaging. Natural skincare to work with your skin, not against it - the skin is your largest organ after all! Each of the ingredients used are ones you can easily recognise, chosen with purpose and the end product being completely cruelty free (animal testing - HELL NO).

Our products are packaged in tins which we strongly encourage to be re-used and if not, at least recycled. We send the products in compostable mailers, labelling is done with recyclable labels on our Clay Butter Cleanser and Shea Face Balm and compostable labels on our Giving Back Body Butter. 

Roamer Skincare is for everyone. Skincare to not only make your skin happy but the planet too. Let's keep roaming together!